My Penny Collection

The Copthorne Collection
For sale May 2016 by Colin Cooke Coins


I first began to accumulate coins back in the late 1960's several years before decimalisation, when bun pennies frequently turned up in pocket change. Large numbers were put aside, mostly just bagged by date, for some future time when I might find a use for them, or renew my interest in collecting.

That time arrived with the internet, and on discovering the existence of fellow collectors, particularly those interested in varieties. Peck, Freeman and, later, Gouby became my bibles and out came the bags of bronze for a closer inspection.

Soon, I was able to add many more coins to the original penny 'date runs'. My biggest success (and star of the collection) would be the Freeman 192A "1922 Reverse of 1927". I now believe that this is the best example known and, to think, I found it in loose change!

Of course the collection has subsequently been bolstered substantially by auction purchases, especially in the area of proofs. I'm particularly proud of those from famous collections such as Norweb, Michael Freeman and Laurie Bamford, to name but three.

As the enthusiasm built I published this reference website, based around my collection. It became a regular source of photos for penny collectors and some of the examples have become well-known and frequently cited by collectors. I'm very proud to have helped others with their hobby in this way.

Anyway, as we all know, priorities change and the time has come in life to realise the value of the collection for the benefit of my family. For this I have chosen to use Colin Cooke Coins, who will be publishing an accompanying catalogue and listing the collection for auction on their website. I sincerely hope that, if you do purchase any of my coins, you will gain as much pleasure from them as I have.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to email me at:

Steve, April 2016

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